![Logo](/solarnet_logo.png) This web server is a prototype for the [SOLARNET](http://www.solarnet-east.eu/) Virtual Observatory, and is hosted currently at the Royal Observatory of Belgium For explanations on how to search and download the data, please see our detailed [User Manual](http://solarnet.oma.be/svo_user_manual.html) # Access data via a [web application](http://solarnet.oma.be/SVO) The purpose of the web application is to give a very simple access to search and download solar data. For more complex search, you are invited to use the Python or IDL clients. The web application presents the following features: - Cross dataset search by date of observation, wavelength, tags and telescope - Specific dataset search that is dependant on the dataset - Search by solar events date and type - Co-observation searches i.e. the date of observation overlap - Quick-look with thumbnail (if available) and FITS header - Data selection download by FTP and ZIP (if not too large) N.B. : This is the version 2 of the application. The version 1 corresponding to the deliverable of March 2016 is not online anymore, but the code can be found at https://github.com/bmampaey/SDA/tree/1.1 # Access data via [IDL](https://github.com/bmampaey/SOLARNET-IDL-client) To search and download solar data from IDL, you will need IDL version 8.0 or higher and to download the following library on your computer [SOLARNET.pro](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bmampaey/SOLARNET-IDL-client/master/SOLARNET.pro) You can then compile it and use it as in the examples in the [README](https://github.com/bmampaey/SOLARNET-IDL-client) # Access data via [Python](https://github.com/bmampaey/SOLARNET-python-client) To search and download data from python, install the SOLARNET python library. If you have pip install, it is as simple as doing pip install solarnet You can then import it and use it as in the examples in the [Readme](https://github.com/bmampaey/SOLARNET-IDL-client) # Access data via [RESTful API](http://solarnet.oma.be/SDA/api/v1) All metadata and data locations are available through a RESTful API. The documentation is accessible at http://solarnet.oma.be/SDA/api/doc If you develop tools using the API, please let us know. ![Disclaimer](/solarnet_disclaimer.png)