SOLARNET Virtual Observatory

## Introduction The SVO is a service first supported by the [SOLARNET]( project, funded by the European Commission’s FP7 Capacities Programme under the Grant Agreement 312495. Then made operational thanks to the [SOLARNET2]( project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement 824135. It's purpose is to collect metadata from as many solar observations as possible, especially those involved in the SOLARNET projects, in a common catalog and make them available to the scientific community. ## Data Access ### Access data via the [web client]( The purpose of the web client is to give a very simple access for searching and downloading solar data. For more complex search, you are invited to use the Python or IDL clients, or to use the RESTful API. The web client presents the following features: - Searching across datasets by date of observation, wavelength, tags and telescope - Searching a single dataset using specific criteria - Searching by solar events date - Co-observation searches i.e. the date of observation overlap - Quick-look with thumbnail (if available) and FITS header - Data selection download by FTP and ZIP (if not too large) The documentation on how to use the Web Client is accessible [here](./svo_web_client_user_manual.html). ### Access data via the [IDL client]( To search and download solar data using IDL, you will need IDL version 8.0 or higher and to download the following library on your computer []( You can then compile it and use it as in the examples in the [README]( ### Access data via the [Python client]( To search and download data using python, install the SOLARNET python library. If you have pip install, it is as simple as doing `pip install solarnet` You can then import it and use it as in the examples in the [Readme]( ### Access data via the [RESTful API]( The content of the catalog of solar observation is accessible through a [RESTful API]( The documentation on how to use the API is accessible [here](./svo_restful_api_user_manual.html). If you develop tools using the API, please let us know. ### Account If you have created an account through the RESTful API or the Web Client, you can update it or delete it from If you have forgotten your password you can reset the password at ### Provide data to the catalog If you want to become a data provider or already are a data provider, please check the [data provider manual](./svo_data_provider_manual.html). ## Meetings and Presentations - [4th FAS meeting](./MeetingFAS20161201.html) (SOLARNET WP 20 & WP50), held on 1-2 December, 2016 - [SOLARNET WP 50.2 meeting](./MeetingSOLARNET20150909.html), held on 9-10 September 2015 ## System Status See the current status of the system and the accessibility of data providers [here](